How The TasteBuds Dating App Is Helping Cibo Matto Fans Find Love

We all know music is a great way to connect with people. But what if you could use it as your wingman? That’s exactly what the new dating app TasteBuds is doing. By creating an online community where users can share their favorite bands and find others who enjoy the same music, they’re helping fans find love by bringing them together.

While normal dating apps like Tinder, or to a greater extent, sex apps like FreeLocalSexApp are mostly based on quick judgements about appearance, TasteBuds takes a different approach. It uses music as its foundation. Instead of judging each other’s looks, users get to judge each other’s taste in tunes.

This isn’t just a gimmick though – it works! Users can connect their Facebook accounts to import their favorite artists, or just add them manually from the settings. Then TasteBuds generates matches between users based on the number of likes in common, and sends notifications when there’s someone nearby with whom you both have lots of mutual musical tastes.

Not only does this help people connect with like-minded individuals, but it also means that they can discover new music.With more niche bands that have a smaller number but more passionate fans, such as Cibo Matto, this is a great way for users to immediately have a common interest to discuss and bond over.

Here’s a story of how one couple, both Cibo Matto fans, met over their shared music taste:

 ”I am a huge Cibo Matto fan (and even have a tattoo of them in the shape of my hometown). I had heard of TasteBuds through friends and was looking at it right before going on vacation, so figured I’d give it a shot.

 One night, while out dancing and drinking with some friends, we ran into another group of girls who were all listening to the same Cibo Matto album as us. We ended up talking and hanging out for a bit, then exchanged info. When I got home from vacation, I messaged her to see if she wanted to go grab a drink sometime.

 A few days later, we went to a bar downtown. She had brought along a friend of hers, who happened to be a fan of Cibo Matto too! We all drank, danced, and listened to the same music, which made for a really fun time. Later on, we ended up back at her place, where we continued to dance and listen to music together.

 Long story short, we ended up having sex, and the rest is history.”

Is TasteBuds better than Tinder? If you’re a music lover, then yes. As mentioned above, the app is much less superficial in terms of judging someone’s looks, and instead allows you to connect over a shared love of music. This means that users don’t need to waste time being introduced to each other, because everyone already shares a passion.

In fact, many people use TasteBuds specifically to meet others who are interested in their particular genre of music. For example, users can set up search filters based on specific genres, and find people with similar tastes to themselves. So rather than just browsing profiles and swiping left or right, they can browse through artist lists and choose whether to swipe right for a potential match.

The best thing about TasteBuds is that it makes finding local singles easy. People can put up their location, and will only be matched with others who live in the same area. This helps to eliminate the chances of awkward long distance relationships, and people can get to know each other face to face.

TasteBuds is free to download on iOS and Android.