9 of the Best Cibo Matto Songs of All Time

9 of the Best Cibo Matto Songs of All Time

While Cibo Matto might not be as popular as The Beatles, they did contribute quite a bit to the ’90s music scene. Creating some of the most iconic songs of 1996, 1999, and even 2014, Cibo Matto has proven itself to be a breath of fresh air for the rock/pop community.

Now, let’s break down some of the absolute best Cibo Matto songs of all time!

Beef Jerky

“Beef Jerky” is a song off of Cibo Matto’s album “Viva! La Woman” and it was actually inspired by John Lennon’s song “Beef Jerky” from his album “Walls and Bridges.”

If you didn’t know already, John Lennon and Yoko Ono have a son together named Sean Taro Ono Lennon who just so happens to be a very prominent member of Cibo Matto. The Japanese-styled pop and alternative feel inspired him, and eventually, he became a full-fledged member.

I mean, if JOHN LENNON’S son wanted to be in your bad, you’d probably let him in no matter what. Don’t get the wrong idea though; Sean Lennon has proved himself to be an incredible musician time and time again – especially with this 1996 hit song “Beef Jerky.”


Moonchild has to be one of my own personal favourite songs from Cibo Matto – ever. It combines many different beats, genres, and tones together to produce a surreal R&B experience for just about any music lover.

You can clearly hear the funky 90’s Hip Hop beat, but I think the acoustic guitar riffs are probably the best part. It brings a cultural complexity to the music that I’ve personally never experienced – and that’s exactly what this incredible bad is going for.

If you aren’t a big fan yet, don’t worry. You aren’t supposed to be enthralled by every one of their songs right away – you’re supposed to be confused by them. Their music touches on many different foods, genres, and cultures – then combines them in ways that make your head spin around. But Moonchild, for me, was a hit on the first listen.

Sugar Water

Ah, Sugar Water. This song was such a game-changer for Cibo Matto; most people can only think of this song when you ask them if they like Cibo Matto – you know what I mean?

Basically, this song was in every goddamned sex scene for like three years in the 90s and even though it was overplayed, I still never got sick of it. The song is sung by a French/Japanese woman who’s got a love for R&B and Pop music like nobody you’ve ever seen before.

It’s the perfect song to listen to when you get off work, and you’ve had a long day. Sugar Water’s sexy rhythm and chilled-out Hip Hop beats make it a song that almost anybody can get behind – which isn’t usually the case with Cibo Matto.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is a weird one, guys. I’m not going to lie to you; it’s a combination of R&B, funky beats, and senseless shouting. If you’ve never heard of Cibo Matto before and you’re thinking about giving them a listen, you might not want to start with Birthday Cake since it’s a little jarring for someone unfamiliar with their music.

Once you get over your newly developed tinnitus, the song isn’t all that bad anymore. I guess it’s just an acquired taste – like all of their music. Seriously though, you should go check out Cibo Matto right now.

Oh, and “Spoon” is an outstanding one too!