7 Interesting Facts About Cibo Matto’s Sean Lennon

7 Interesting Facts About Cibo Matto’s Sean Lennon

The name Sean Lennon might sound a little familiar, and no I’m not mispronouncing John. I’m of course talking about the late Beatle’s son! Sean Lennon has done a lot more for art and music than you might think, especially when it comes to Cibo Matto.

While he hasn’t made music with Cibo Matto in a while, he’s still out there doing things! Here are a few interesting facts about Sean:

Famous Parents

Yes, Sean is indeed the son of the infamous John Legend and the artist Yoko Ono. His parents are largely the reason for his interest and career in music and helped him get his start in the music world. This man definitely has a lot to live up to because of his family, but he’s certainly done a lot of work to do that!

So Many Bands

Like many musicians like him, Lennon has worked on multiple projects a lot of which overlapped. He, of course, started his career with Cibo Matto. His other projects include The Ghost of a Sabertooth Tiger (which he worked on with his Model girlfriend, the Claypool Lennon Delerium, and the Plastic Ono Band (which he performs with the rest of his family).

Model Girlfriend

The 43-year-old is doing very well for himself when it comes to the girlfriend department. The singer, songwriter, and actor have been dating model and musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl for around 13 years since they started playing together in their band. They also created a music label together which produces their music and even film scores.

Muhl has worked as a model for campaigns for such entities as Dolce and Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Maybelline.

Worked with the Beastie Boys

His early work with Cibo Matto prompted the Beastie Boys to reach out to Lennon to work on one of their albums with them. He contributed vocals to the album and has since been a frequent collaborator with acts of a similar calibre.


Lennon has taken after both of his parents when it comes to activism. During the Occupy movement, Lennon didn’t sit idly by and watch from a distance. Instead, Lennon went down into the thick of it and protested along with everyone else. Lennon and two other artists played music to the protesters on Occupy Wall Street and hung out with people during the day.

Fuck Fracking

Lennon also was vocal against the practice of fracking. His opposition to the practice was published in a New York Times article as a part of the Artists Against Fracking movement. He believes that fracking is dangerous to the planet and can easily trigger climate change. He encourages the practice to be banned in favour of a safer and healthier planet.

Interesting beliefs

While Lennon isn’t against religion or belonging to anyone, in particular, he does think that religion is a myth. Him, he believes that there is a higher spirit in everyone but doesn’t subscribe to any organized religion. He does, however, practice transcendental meditation, saying that it helps him have 10% more conscious thought.